This Courier Training Framework is a tool for developing and delivering courier training. It has been put together as a basis for promoting best practice in the museum and gallery sector. This was the outcome of the meeting of European Registrars Groups after the inaugural meeting in October 2015, where representatives from across Europe came together to share common experiences and ways of working together, and has been developed by Kathy Richmond (Registrar, Museum of London and Chair, UK Registrars Group), Desirée Blomberg (Group Manager, Exhibition Coordination & Loans, Moderna Museet and Board Member, Nordic Registrars Group) and Wendela Brouwer (Head Registrars Office, Rijksmuseum and Chair, Nederlandse Registrars Group).

Version 2.0 of the Courier Training Framework is released 2020 following revision for the first time since its release in 2017. This version includes changes that make the framework more global in technical language and scope, and we extend special thanks to our colleagues within ARCS for their time and expertise to achieve this. Changes include more information about why a courier is sent, focusing on risk management and sustainable practice – this can be found in section 2. A new section with endorsements and translated version details has been introduced at the end of the framework and we hope this will grow over time. 

We hope that this version continues to help us all in developing our courier skills, and would like to thank our respective registrar groups (UK Registrars Group, Nordic Registrars Group and Nederlandse Registrars Group), as well as our institutions (Historic Environment Scotland and prior to this Museum of London, Moderna Museet and the Rijksmuseum) for their support in helping us to revise this.

The training tools that accompany this framework are:

This training is designed to be delivered by registrars and collections specialists whose role involves managing couriers. The order and content are flexible, and users may wish to incorporate additional elements to tailor the training to their organisation or network. This is essentially a framework on which to build your own training.

The framework is based on the principle that we should send couriers only when necessary, and the focus is on preparing the courier for the unexpected as well as creating a shared sense of what a professional courier role entails.

This is a free tool, but we request that users share with us their Courier Essentials, generated at the end of the training, as well as any feedback to inform future versions. We hope that the framework will be a useful tool in training couriers, and that by sharing it we can foster a sense of shared understanding of how to courier better.