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Category: March 2019

Good event today on #art #Brexit #UK #EU #shipping & #museums c/o @UKregistrars featuring experts from @DCMS @ace_national & shippers @ConstantineLtd @MomartLtd @CrownFineArt & others.
As mentioned, still a bit touch & go at the mo, real 'hard' Brexit (stage 3) hits 1st July

@UKregistrars @DCMS @ace_national @ConstantineLtd @MomartLtd @mtec0 @CrownFineArt @ganderandwhite @MartinspeedLtd Such an excellent session this afternoon. Thank you everyone for sharing their experiences. So helpful 😊

Are you ready for the Big Brexit Webinar?
If you can't make it don't worry, we will record it!

@DCMS @ace_national @ConstantineLtd @MomartLtd @mtec0 @CrownFineArt @ganderandwhite @MartinspeedLtd