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ERC 2014 – Opening Reception


  • The opening of the #ERC2014 at Ateneum Art Museum delivered a smashing start to the conference –  we had moomins, a male screaming choir, speeches from the organisers and hosts, a brilliant attendance of registrars and collections professionals rounded up with lots of wine and nibbles.
  • The Finnish Male Screaming Choir kicked things off with an amazing surprise performance at the top of the grand entrance of the museum. They then went on to perform within the galleries surrounded by the works of artist and Moomins illustrator Tove Jansson. It really was a great, fun start, which also allowed us all to mingle – it was also great to see so many registrars in one place!!

    Watch the recording of our Summer Event online on our website our Youtube channel.

    Many thanks to Maria Bastidas-Spence @RMGreenwich, Kathryn Simpson @nmdcnews, Ana Muñoz @V_and_A, Travis Miles @Tate & Robert Graham from Blackwall Green

    New on the IAL Blog - Dr. Elena Cooper writes on how one painting by Whistler can help us think again about the relationship between art and copyright: Brown and Gold: Portrait of Lady Eden (1894-5). #whistler #art #copyright #artlaw

    Forget hot girl summer, this will be frozen registrar summer if the AC doesn't get fixed. #registrarlife