Being part of the UKRG committee has been a stimulating learning experience into the world of budgets and the importance of the role of the registrar. In my time as treasurer I have mastered excel spread sheets, become acquainted with the banks of South Kensington (an experience in itself) and most importantly learnt how to build and maintain a budget. 

This is perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the role of treasurer on the UKRG committee, previously I had no knowledge of how to build a spread sheet to document the numerous channels of money flow and ensure that the books were balanced throughout the year, but through a very tight budget produced by my predecessor I have become quite familiar with the ways we can document the numerous aspects of UKRG’s income and expenditure.
However being part of the committee is more than just spread sheets and numbers, it is about trying to increase the awareness of the role of the registrar, influence and better understand the standards of good practice among our profession. Being part of fantastic events and getting to meet all the members in person at events and by processing their membership fees has been a great way to meet other registrars and understand just how varied and narrow our roles can be.

In this capacity I have been able to travel across the UK and Europe to see other museums and learn about how they operate. As part of an exhibition team in my day to day role I have been able to learn how to better apply myself to the exhibition registration practice and positively influence the teams I work with into championing the role of the registrar in the multitude of teams with which I work.

This however is a serious role and does take some time, concentration and dedication, knowledge of budgets is not necessary but the willingness to work with excel is. Nonetheless being on the UKRG committee offers more benefits than the time you put in and I will be sad to step down from my post. 

Terri Dendy, UKRG Treasurer 2014-2016