#UKRGMShed: ‘NIRU: Museums & Galleries Relief Update’

Tim Gordon, CSDR and ToR Policy Advisor from HMRC, gave an update on the proposed changes that will be coming to Museums & Galleries Relief in 2015.

He explained that the draft of Notice 361 will soon be circulated within HMRC and will then be circulated more widely for consultation with current users of the Relief and their partners such as third-party agents, transporters and logistics specialists.  Tim very much encouraged us all to take part in this process (which should start in August) so that they can ensure it will be easy for us to adapt to.

Tim highlighted some of the changes that will be coming into effect, the main one being the introduction of an Annual Return from Approval Holders to NIRU. For this, accurate record-keeping will be vital, particularly with regards to the Customs Status of items which have been subject to this relief – where are they now, etc. NIRU will be working with us on all of this to ensure that the record keeping that we do throughout the year will easily provide the Annual Return to show this.

The wording of the Notice has also been changed to comply with the readability standards which the government has introduced. In essence, the Notice has had to be rewritten to make it clearer and compatible with a reading /writing age of 12.

A new Export Customs Procedure Code (CPC) is being introduced for items only held under the Relief so that when we want to return or send on items, this new CPC can be used which is specifically designed for dispatching items out of Museums & Galleries Relief. Testing of this will start soon and it will then go live later in the year.

The T5 issue that had been highlighted in an earlier talk by Momart was also discussed – Tim said that talks are happening to find a resolution with France and Brussels. In Notice 361, NIRU will be the Central Office for T5 imports and exports.

NB HMRC no longer have their own website, they are part of the gov.uk website instead. If you cannot find any guidance or help that you need, please contact Tim: [email protected].

 Claire Cooper, Documentation Officer, Leicester Arts and Museums Service.