ROKBOX is an R&D company, born from a desire to protect artworks better than ever before, reduce waste, improve efficiency and overhaul sustainability in the art-world.

The ROKBOX is a robust, truly reusable, fully tested and patented fine art shipping crate, utilising modern materials, industrial design and engineered to protect artworks. Ergonomically designed, artworks are easily secured to a ‘floating’ panel using an intuitive and adaptable fixing system, easy to load and unload, it requires no additional packing materials.

In benchmark testing for shock, vibration, water, fire, puncture and climatic events, ROKBOX out-performs equivalent ‘museum-grade’ wooden crates in all scenarios. ROKBOX is 40% lighter than the equivalent wooden crate, enabling a significant reduction in carbon footprint per journey. ROKBOX’s true reusability enables the art-world to dramatically reduce its carbon impact on every journey an artwork makes.