Passion Dedication Know-howInnovationProfessionalism and Training are the keywords that characterise Arterìa’s staff and activities everyday. From the simplest transport to the logistical planning of a large international exhibition, Arterìa’s first class organization and staff offer a customised service that is always committed and characterized by the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Arterìa: a modern and innovative company that offers logistics dedicated to fine arts and valuable items.


  • Dedicated and groupage transports using monitored vehicles with climate-control and air-suspension systems.
  • Protective packing with anticollision, antivibration, insulation and climate-control features, created in our laboratories.
  • International shipping by land, air, or sea, organized and monitored by our team.
  • Handling and installation of works of art, collections and precious goods as well as oversized items.
  • Installation of exhibitions , fairs, and art collections.
  • Import and export and customs clearance documents and licenses.
  • Secure warehouses, also with a controlled microclimate, bonded warehouses.
  • Safe and protected parking for trucks both in transit and for overnight stay.
  • Insurance cover for single transport, handling, and storage or on a “nail-to-nail” basis for exhibitions.
  • Framing, display case and crate design and manufacture including conservation, climate control and safety features.
  • Consultation for preventive conservation and restoration.

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