Brexit: Customs and Transport Update – Steve Gourley, Momart Ltd.

When I signed up for ERC back in July, I’d rather hoped that the politicians would have agreed the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU and that this conference would be a great opportunity to hear from sector leaders and discuss with fellow registrars how we were going to deal with some of the finer points of managing life outside the EU. At the time of the conference, the Withdrawal Agreement was still to be agreed by the UK parliament and the governments of the remaining 27 EU nations, and a draft statement on the UK’s future relationship with the EU, just 7 pages long, had been published. If these are approved, there will be a transition period until 31 December 2020, during which little would practically change. However, there remains the real chance that these will not be. This means that, on the basis of “preparing for the worst but hoping for the best,” Steve Gourley offered the conference some thoughts on how fine art transport would be affected in a “No Deal” scenario.