On Friday 17 April 2020 the UKRG held their first Twitter Q&A to inform (and entertain) our members during the Covid-19 pandemic and the current quarantine we find ourselves.

Having prepared for floods, fires and other disasters, many museums are experiencing new hurdles with the Covid-19 pandemic. We asked and answered four questions during the hour-long Twitter Q&A to highlight what is currently on the minds of registrars, this is a great way to learn from each other and keep ourselves informed.

Do you have any topics you like us to discuss during the next twitter Q&A? You can send your questions here in advance or use #ukregistrars or #ukregistrarscovid19 on twitter! If you want to see more of the comments to our questions, check out our twitter account here.

Our second question is very relevant at the moment as more and more of our colleagues are put on furlough. It is very difficult to stay motivated. We are currently so many weeks into the quarantine and I recon most of us can feel the pressure of staying in touch or working, even though their might not be so much to do.

But still, life goes on and so does the recruitment of colleagues. How do people deal with not being able to ‘meet’ and train their new staff

We would very much like to hear if there are any other topics you would like us to discuss. Arts Council England (ACE) are also providing regular updates on the Government Indemnity and we will upload their updated on our website. If you have any questions or items you would like to share with your nationwide colleagues, do get in touch!