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Thermo Lignum

Thermo Lignum’s® environmentally conscious, chemical-free, WARMAIR method sensitively eradicates damage-causing insects from archives, art works and collection objects. Our technology has been used for over 25 years and is permanently installed in over 12 locations throughout Europe.

The thermal disinfecting treatment is suitable for art works and decorative objects composite of various organic materials such as polychrome sculptures, marquetry inlaid tables, Boulle cabinets and embroidered silks.

Our service can be used in collection moves, or as a preventive measure after textiles have been on open display to prevent cross infestation in storage or gallery environment. Our treatment can be used with confidence to treat oil on canvas paintings, giltwood frames and furniture, upholstery, ethnographic and botanical collections.

Our versatile WARMAIR mobile chamber is a fast, efficient tool in the perennial battle against insects in museums, galleries, collections storage and historic houses. Once the mobile unit is parked on site, objects can be treated in the grounds of the museum or storage facility in 24-hour cycles.

Thermo Lignum has been a UK business since 1994. Our reputation for diligence and discretion is valued by our clients, who include National heritage and conservation institutions, international art couriers and individual private clients.

Please call the office on 0208 747 0900 or email for more information.